3DKUBE™ Independent Chambers
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Item #: 3D020

Qty: 24 units per case
Configuration:  Independent Chambers

3DKUBE™ Independent Chambers configuration provides the user with n=2 independent 3D cell-scaffold culture chambers per unit.  This is accomplished with the use of the solid gasket insert that separates the two culture chambers into two distinct samples.  Kits are provided in a convenient tray with peel-away Tyvek® seal and are gamma irradiated.  Each 3D culture chamber is 6 mm in diameter and 250 µL in volume.

Materials Included per Unit (24 units per case):

  • 2 - Plasticware Modules (tissue culture grade polystyrene)
  • 1 - Solid Gasket Insert (high purity silicone)

For Research Use Only.  Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


  • Item #: 3D020

3DKUBE™ Independent Chambers

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