3DKUBE™ Segregated Co-culture
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Item #:  3D010

Qty: 24 units per case
Configuration:  Segregated Co-culture

3DKUBE™ Segregated Co-culture configuration provides the user with an advanced 3D co-culture system for modeling complex biological interactions of multiple cell types.  This is accomplished with the use of the gasket-membrane insert that segregates the two 3D culture chambers while permitting soluble factor transfer or "crosstalk."  Physical segregation of cell types allows the user to assess the physiology and characteristics of each cell population.  Membrane is a hydrophilic, low protein binding polyethersulfone with 0.45 µm porosity.  Kits are provided in a convenient tray with peel-away Tyvek® seal and are gamma irradiated.  Each 3D culture chamber is 6 mm in diameter and 250 µL in volume.

Materials Included per Unit (24 units per case):

  • 2 - Plasticware Modules (tissue culture grade polystyrene)
  • 1 - Gasket-Membrane Insert (high purity silicone gasket + PES membrane 0.45 µm porosity)

For Research Use Only.  Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

  • Item #: 3D010

3DKUBE™ Segregated Co-culture

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