Fibra-Cel® Spacers
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Item #: AC060

Bottle Qty: 1 gram per bottle (approx. 200 disks)

Encapsulating cells within hydrogel biomaterials is a common approach in 3D cell culture. Fibra-Cel® disk spacers are particularly useful in taking up void space and retaining hydrogel scaffolds in place within the chambers of 3DKUBE™ 3D Cell Culture Plasticware. The spacers consist of non-woven polyester fiber and a woven polypropylene support, each a non-degradable biocompatible polymer. Fibra-Cel® spacers can be autoclaved to sterilize and placed within the 3DKUBE chamber using sterile forceps.  The spacer disks are 6 mm in diameter and approximately 1 mm in thickness.  Fibra-Cel spacers are manufactured by New Brunswick Scientific, an eppendorf company.

Autoclave to sterilize

For Research Use Only.  Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

  • Item #: AC060

Fibra-Cel® Spacers

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